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Freud and Libido

Mostly simply put, Freud termed sexual energy and the Libido. Per Freud, the libido is a part of the Id- the part of the mind associated with immediate gratification of needs. He believed that Id was the only component of the mind that exists since the birth of the individual- which could account for the hedonistic nature of humans.

Freud claimed that the libido is expressed differently at various points during the individual’s life, i.e., it is expressed according to the stage of psychosexual development the individual is in. Sometimes, this energy becomes too stuck to a certain stage of development and thus the person becomes “fixated” in that stage of development.

Freud also discussed the idea of the Libido’s energy being limited i.e., different mental processes require varying amounts of energy. For instance, the act of ‘repression’ requires a tremendous amount of psychic energy and such events impair the proper functioning of the mind.


~ Neha Nimbal (1733261)

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