A-Freud World

Freudian Farewell

Hopefully by now, your know of Freud has been extended and your interest in his subject, peaked!

For more interesting information and a good understanding of what the Legend himself was all about, be sure to check out these interesting videos linked below:


1. School of life- Psychotherapy

This playlist provides you with the major chunk of what is there to know about the topic. The imagery is stylistic in nature and will engage you beyond doubt.
Explicit images.


2. Freud Museum London- What is Psychoanalysis?

It is a four part series by psychologists who follow the Freudian or Psychoanalytic school of thought. The imagery is again stylistic (borders on bizarre) it is a educational venture of the Freud Museum, and is hence legitimate information. It may not impress someone looking for plain info, but is definitely engaging enough for a leisure watch.

Explicit imagery.


3. Stillpoint Spaces Berlin- The History of Psychoanalysis

This is a three-part lecture; hence it may not engage a visual person, but it does provide all the vital information in a very systematic and organised way. It also takes up a new structure, instead of tracing chronologically from Freud, it takes up the broad contours of what Psychoanalysis id, from its standing as (or as not) a science, to Psychoanalysis as a way of life.


Signing off from A-Freud World,

Harsiddhi Thakral (1733242)

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